Saturday, September 5, 2009


So it's been a while since the last post - a lot of stuff has been going on. But on thing has taken the cake:

J&V ~ First Anniversary!

I love her so much! Even though work and study keep things hectic, we always find time to hang out and enjoy all things good.

Ok, so this semester is moving quite fast!


1. Producing/Engineering the Dwayne Monteiro EP:

A rap/hip hop project inspired by Tribe Called Quest, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, NAS, Mos Def etc.
Currently working on the main track 'One of Those Nights' - a party tune inspired by escapades at Ric's Bar in Brisbane.

Producing is a whole new world, just like everyone describes - you do become an amateur psychologist! But I really need to get motoring with the arranging/composing otherwise we'll fall behind!

2. Concert Recording!
Next week I will be leading my first concert recording - a lunchtime brass concert. I'm really hoping it's in the vein of Dave Douglas' Brass Ecstacy ensemble. However, betcha it's not...
Oh well, it will be a challenge (burning the CD correctly :S)! But I shall attend the rehearsal and prepare like a pregnant mother. Must keep it clean and real (the recording that is...).

3. Exploration Into Live Recording
$$ ~ I need it.
Mics & Pres + Converters + Laptop + Stands + DIs = Me becoming RVG. Anyone want to donate some gear? Need to earn loads of money - NOW!!!

4. Songs In Sierra is back in business!
The band is getting back together to play some standards and write new stuff. Looking for a drummer though. Who can help??? No metal drummers please...

5. Sweet FA
And finally, I am composing for my first feature length film! A film about Matty getting stuck in Beaudesert with his high school mates..will he be back in time to spend time with his folks and steal back his car from a bastard of a policeman? All will be revealed in due time...e.g. a few weeks!

And that's this week's wrap up from the market.

That's all for this week - will blog more in the next few weeks.

Mmmm off for a coffee...


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