Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Crunch

And so I have to discuss my technical research paper tomorrow and I'm completely fucked.

Where has this weekend gone to? I can't even remember what I did. Bought a wallet that will crumble upon contact with heat. Geez.

I haven't been inspired yet this weekend. Maybe more through visual art than music.

I really can't wait for next semester. I'm kind of turning on myself now - I kept preaching that it is essential to be doing theory and aural, however now, I'm lucky that I don't have take it again next semester. Theory I'll miss a bit. Aural has just been a waste of time. Hmm we'll get down to some recording next semester and be put under the magnifying glass.

I hope I can hold myself together.

I thought of an interesting topic to address further on in my studies. Its a society-orientated issues that marries with music technology.

"What associations, assumptions and expectations does society marry with the field of 'Music Technology'"

I guess that whenever my parents are talking in circles and asked what I'm studying, they say, "Well, he's doing sound engineering...". Fuck off. Maybe its because I don't really tell them what I really do. But I think there is an image of a roadie-esque man fiddling with knobs at a rock concert. There is a certain psychology to music technology. I can't fully explain it yet. I think I've been giving myself hints over the years but now recognise the mentality behind this field.

Final words: You are still in control when they are in control.


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